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Old 02-11-2008, 10:36 AM
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Default General Forum Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to XmodSource.com!

Here at XmodSource.com we are looking to create a friendly and knowledgeable forum environment full of veteran and new Xmodders of all ages.

The board is viewable by all people of all ages, this means that we fall in between G and PG rated, so please keep your posts as clean as possible.

XmodSource.com Mission Statement:

Striving to be a family friendly place where veterans can share ideas and beginners can work and learn together. We value proper forum etiquette and have a desire for all XmodSource.com members to have a fun and beneficial experience as a part of the premier online XMOD source.

While the rules are designed to make your online experience at XmodSource.com a pleasurable and informative experience, please remember that the moderation team enforces these rules so that they can make this site enjoyable for everyone.
These rules are enforced to the best of the moderators ability. Please mind the rules so that you do not receive infractions which can lead to temporary bans or permanent bans.

Main Forum rules

1. Refrain from posting spam. This includes making multiple threads about the same thing, adding useless information or information already covered in previous posts.

2. Please refrain from member phishing. Sending pms to other members asking them to join your site is forbidden. If you receive a pm about this please contact a staff member.

3. Remember while on forums how you type is interpreted different ways. So please do not post in "elite" typing, i.e. symbols, all caps (which means shouting) etc.

4. All Off-Topic posts must be posted in the Off-Topic forum.

5. If you see a post that doesn't follow the rules, don't comment on it. Please leave the moderating to us. If you think a post needs attention, simply click the "Report Post" icon above it , and an email will be sent to all the moderators, so something can be done.

5. Please check the date of the most recent post on a thread. If it's more than a couple weeks old, please don't drag it up unless you have a legit follow-up question. This is called bumping an old thread, which unless your the original thread creator, is most of the time useless posting anyway.

6. Please use the search feature of the forum before asking simple questions, as most have already been covered anyway.

7. When posting pictures do not exceed the forum limit of 800 x 600. Any pics over this size will be warned about resizing them, failure to resize will result in pics being turned to links only.

8. Remember the age base of this forum, do not post any inappropriate material on the forum. Any pornographic pictures, links, or anything of that nature will result in ban, from 3 days to permanent depending on the nature of whats posted. So please make sure you know what your linking to.

9. Please do not flame or bash another member or any staff member. Any problems seen publicly will be warned, and if it continues warning / infractions will be handed out. This goes for private messaging as well. If someone is harassing you via pm's let a staff member know.

10. Do not post anything discussion religion, politics, or sexual orientation. There are far too many immature members here to have any kind of discussion on these topics. Many times in the past this has been proved and usually ends in either someones feelings hurt, and / or infractions.

11. Do not post any racial slurs, or foul language. Once again this forum is for all ages. Any attempts to get by the word sensor by splitting the word up, replacing the word with symbols will result in getting a warning. Reoccurring problems with result in infractions.

12. Just like other members, do not flame, bash, or mock staff members, including the site owner. If you have a problem with a staff member, bring it up with an admin. If you have a problem with an admin, take it up with another admin or the site owner.

13. Do not create multiple accounts, we try to stay on top of checking suspicious posts leading us to believe you may have multiple accounts. Most of the time this results in an instant permanent ban. So if you get banned and think you need to create another account to "try to fool us". Think again.
If you have a problem while registering, drop us a line from the info on the Contact page, and we can help get you set up.

14. Please do not post anything relating to piracy, whether it be linking, discussing, etc. This includes warez, torrent sites, piracy help, etc.

REMEMBER, re-read your post before you hit the submit button and ask yourself three things:
1.Does my post adhere to all of the forums rules?
2. Does my post help the thread or ask a specific question that hasn't already been answered?
3. Is my post rude or hurtful in anyway?

How the infraction points work.

5 Points = 3 Days
7 Points = 5 Days
10 Points = 10 Days
15 Points = 2 weeks
25 Points = PERMANENT

Remember these points are accumulative and DO NOT EXPIRE.

Guidelines For A Better Community


1. Name Change Requests

When signing up with the forum, please pick a user name that you want to keep. We get a lot of requests to change names, and it is a lot of work to make the change and update the Staff.

But if you really need it changed for some reason, let us know. It is much easier on the Staff if you pick the name you want from the beginning.

2. Searching (or a blatant lack of)
While you won't find a nicer, more helpful bunch than the XmodSource.com member base, anyone can grow frustrated seeing new threads with the same questions over and over. A few well spent minutes educating yourself so you ask INTELLIGENT and INFORMED questions will gather much more attention from the seasoned members in the know than a lazy attempt to have the members spoon feed you information. It is ALWAYS better to add on to an existing thread (if the information is pertinent) than to start another with the same information. This makes it easier for the next person with fewer threads to pour over to gather their information.

More info on how to search can be found in our beginner section.

3. Signatures
Signatures are a very popular thing here at XmodSource.com. For text only the standard limit is 10 lines with absolutely NO images. But if a image is desired, The standard limit on signature size is 300x150 pixels.

However, those who desire signatures that are longer in width may use signatures that are no bigger than 400x100 pixels.

If you have a combination of picture and text then it can be only one picture and 10 lines of text ONLY

Finally when creating your signature please try to follow our guidelines we don't mind you including a link to your personal site or even a link to a competitor web site, e.g. XMF, XMW, UXF, XMD, etc but please no blatant advertising or "Come here and join my site" links! At XMS we worked hard to become a publicly known site, if you want members on your own site register it with google or an alternate search engine don't abuse our good nature!


Please try to remember that the moderators are here to keep the forums safe, sane, and secure. However that being said they are governed by the same rules as you if they ask you to do something, please do it, alternatively if you have any issues with a specific moderator please bring it the attention of another member of staff through the Private Message system.

And Finally:

If you feel you can not comply with these rules as stated above, then XmodSource.com is not the place for you!

Fear not though! There are other boards out there that do allow the stuff that we do not. Please feel free to visit them, or why not start up your own forum......just don't advertise it here.
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as mentioned before, as the site changes, the rules sometimes need revised. please take time to read and understand the rules. ill make a thread for any questions to be asked
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