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Old 07-05-2013, 10:08 PM
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Default mycro's micro-sct thing build

picked this guy up with a ton of extra electronics for cheap
gonna be a backyard basher.. if the drivetrain can handle it

since the electronics i have are one of those "all in one" boards, i decided to go the ridiculously stupid route of doing everything separately and doing custom work.. oh the things i get myself into...

plans for it as of now:
find a cheap tiny brushed esc capable of around 10A constant and 30A-40A burst ratings preferably with a lipo cut-off

the way it looks right now, i might be using an the lrp ai runner from my savage xs(if the current possible buyer goes through and buys the savage without the esc). if not, ill be picking up a cheapo $10 esc off fleabay and testing that.
if that fails, i will use a micro sidewinder or a mamba 25 if i can find one cheap

so far i went through the truck, cleaned it up a tiny bit.
i took a dremel at it and started flattening things out and making space for the t-pro hs55 clone i had laying around

motor is an atomic BB2 with a custom heat sink made by the previous owner.

for a receiver, i will be using a flysky receiver paired with what will most likely be an fs-gt3b.

it'll be running off a losi 250mah 2s lipo

that being said.. time for pictars

the dremel has attacked!

i know it isnt smooth in the pictures, but it was all made smooth with 200 grit sand paper afterwards.

oh noes! it's nekked!

because the servo horn on the original servo doesnt fit this servo, i took a piece of antenna tube and squished it to make it a tight fit on the steering rack. this will cause premature wear, but i can live with that.

now for the chassis top plate, i originally planned on fabricating a custom piece then realized the original one plays a large role in stiffening the chassis.
it also has some pretty deep parts that i wouldnt be able to replicate with my dremel.
ill be modifying the original plate to accommodate all the electronics
first up was the servo.

that's all for now
i will be cutting up the plate to fit the receiver and will also be getting rid of the "fins" on the front end to make space for the esc.

i will most likely have to do some fab work to make this more diverse and be able to use this on my rough streets and parking lots and some dirte

i will also most likely turn it into a rally car cause i like that style better, but that's in the far future
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