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Old 08-05-2009, 05:25 PM
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Default Making a new front clip

Difficulty 4/10
Should take around 20-35 Mins (Depending)
Ok well i came up with this idea, when i couldnt figure out how to drop the front of my 65' Stang. This Tut also will work for taking weight off your chassi, or replacing a broken front clip or just making one if you dont have one for the car. Or Dropping the front of your car.

Step #1 (Get your Supplies)

Material's Needed:
Your Nut Driver
Small xmods drill
Xmods Screw Driver
Some Plastic (like off an xmods upgrade package)
Two Plastic Wheel Nuts (Stock)
Your Front Clip (opitional) Depending, on if your replacing or building a new one.
Sharpie (Not pictured)
Your Xmods Body & Chassi (Duh) :stupid:

Step #2
Take Your Plastic, and cut a fairly good sized piece out. (That way if you mess up you have a little room for mistakes)

Take Your front clip and set it on the plastic, and then mark it with, the sharpie.

Then Bend It, Like Below:

Step #3
Bend the top down, so it slides into, the hole on the car for the clip, Then trim it up & do a test fit on the car, "Don't Attatch it yet" , Just see if it fits it the hole on the car.

Next Take your Small Drill Bit, and drill two Holes, were the screws will go in.

Then Take your Two Wheel Nuts (Only One is shown Below)

You line The holes up on the car, and the plastic Clip and put the screw in, the hole and take the nut driver with the nut in it and, tighten, either the Nut driver, or screw driver, till it is nice and tight.

Step #4
Test it, you may have to, sand the front wheel wells, and other minor, adjustments, to fix it, and make it fit, 100%.
You can also paint it.

"And if you are worried about it bending and getting out of shape, just take some plastic, like out of a model, and super glue it to the back of the clip and let it set against the chassi, or super glue it to the chassi, it you arent going to be removing the clip".
Ok, well Associated Racer Decided to use my tut on his new Corvette & Here is a pic, and he even strengthened it to:

Thanks for the Pic Associated Racer



All Comments & Sugestions, Welcome.
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