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Old 08-05-2009, 06:21 PM
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Default Extending your truck chassis for longer bodies

Difficulty 4/10

Time: Should take about 15-30mins (Depends on how fast you work)

Ok, alot of people have come up with different ways to extend there truck chassi but i found the easiest way (or at least i think it is) to extend your chassis. This will give you anywhere from over a 1/4 inch to almost 1 inch. This tut is for using the f-150 or Nissan Titan Chassi Spacer. To be able to run 4X4 you will need to make or have a custom drive shaft for it.

Step #1:Gather your materials
Xmods Screw Driver
Small Flat Head Screw Driver
Needle Nose Pliers (Optional)
Your Truck Chassis
The body you are using
Three 2-56 Steel Locking Nuts
Three Long 2-56 Steel Machine Head Screws or
Three Medium 2-56 Steel Machine Head Screws

Step #2:Lets Get Started

Next You Need to remove your Spacer for the gearbox cover on the rear.

Step #3
Pull the Spacer Off once you unscrew the screws.

Now grab Either the Long or Medium Screws (I used Medium)

Take your three Screws and out them in all three holes, then take the three 2-56 Steel Nuts and thread them on the bottom two Screws & the top one, but leave some Space for it to be tightened after being screwed in.

Step #4
Then Line your spacer back up with the rear piece of the chassis you removed at the beggining, Make sure it is straight then Start Screwing it in.

Next do a test Fit, this is were you decide if you need to shorten it some more or Lengthen it (By Tighting & Lossing the Screws).
Note:Mine is only about a 1/4 Inch Lengthened.

Step #5
Take the Rear Back off again, and take the needle Nose Pliers and tighten up the 2-56 Steel Nuts, Make sure they arent two tight, you dont want to crack the Plastic.

Then put it back onto the main peice, and screw it back together.

Comments & Concerns & Improvements Welcome
Respect the Afro, Because i Have one.

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