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Old 01-06-2009, 10:38 AM
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Default How To Make 2008 Gtr Fit Proper!

Well as you may have noticed on your GTR, your front wheels sit a little further back then how you wanted i have found away to sort this out, no pics just a diagram from AM with my labels.



OK so i take it you have your front end (with battery pack and board) is dissasembled from the rest of the chassis, put that to one side.

Take your rear end and screw it on to the spacer using the rear mouts on the spacer (extra long).

Maybe hard to see.

Done? OK next grab your front end again and screw your subaru clip on, put the whole chassis together and place your GTR shell on.

OK as you may know the GTR clip is thicker so if you have polystyrene put a thin bit above the suby clip if you want front end a little higher and below if you want it a little lower.


NOTES: Mine was done on a evo chassis.
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Old 01-06-2009, 05:38 PM
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ive never had a prob with my gtr at all....duno what prob ur talking bout tho...
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Old 01-06-2009, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by 94exa2 View Post
ive never had a prob with my gtr at all....duno what prob ur talking bout tho...
No, I have this problem as described with my cousin's car and its annoying. It hinders steering sometimes.
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Old 01-06-2009, 05:44 PM
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ive noticed a slight diffrence in dimensions between the evo and street but it is just miniscule
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Old 01-06-2009, 08:33 PM
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some have it some don't. that's why i have no probs with mine, yet maybe the kid next door will have his steering stuck.
Radioshack doesn't manufacture with tight tolerances, so the cars will be a tiny bit different
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