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Old 04-09-2014, 11:24 PM
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Default Got back into a MERV

Two to be exact.

Decided one day I missed my old MERV really bad, here's a few shots of it:

I stuck in the MM5700 but never did order the right batteries to feed it, a 20c discharge rate is not high enough for that power hungry beast. I ended up trading the Revo off for an E-Maxx. Like a fool..

So, browsing Craigslist I found a kid selling a MERV for $200, click on it and there's dang near enough parts to have two complete ones. (They were complete, one had been run into a dumpster at full speed)

The running one was a brushless 2.4, and the wrecked one was a brushless as well, but not 2.4 It also came with a whole kit of new spare parts, tools, fluids.. I scored a HECK of a deal.

I jumped on it..

I had to replace a bearing, a hollow ball and fix a few odds and ends on the running MERV, and then the servo went out so I took the one from the spare.

Been bashing with it and it runs great, it's had a hard life from the previous guy that had it but I'm not nice to them either.

I dis-mantled the other MERV and took inventory of the good and bad parts. I've decided the spare MERV will be my project, and the running one will be the basher.

So, I put in my first order which was for the basher, just got me some 2s 45c LiPos for it. Still waiting on those.

Then, put in a bigger order for the project.
Traxxas 100k diff oil
Spare body clips
New chassis
Full set of control arms
Full set of drive shafts
Front bulk heads
New set of shocks and mounts

That was as far as I made it tonight. Need more parts (go figure) So, my next up to order list is:
2 new wings
Set of pre mounted Pro Line 2.2 Trenchers (for the basher)
Servo horn kit
Hot Racing carriers
2.2 HPI SS wheels and HPI V-Groove tires (for the project)

Eventual plans are to order another Tenbol mount, I have another MM5700 laying around, and I will find some 3s LiPos with a high enough discharge rate to feed the MM5700. I will also be getting the ProLine Raptor body for the project MERV. Probably going to paint it either candy apple red or a type of sunset orange. I think that would look killer.

I am **** glad to be back into a MERV, here's the rest of my collection other than the Xmods.

The top left is a RedCat Volcano SV that I actually sold to a buddy (good thing I did it's been a headache for him this whole time)

Middle top is my Losi XXX but it's getting the MM5700 ripped out and I'll probably sell it if any one is interested, I don't really care for it.

Next is my Venom creeper crawler, things been great haven't had to fix a thing on it. And it crawls very well.

Then is the Losi 1/18 desert truck. Was bought out of boredom while I waited on my wife and friends to try on bridesmaid dresses. Love that little thing, bone stock for now. Will be going brushless eventually. Then last is the new MERV of course.
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Old 04-10-2014, 09:32 PM
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Wow you scored an amazing deal on all of that. I got a MERV about a year ago...thing is so much fun and puts up with a lot of abuse.
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Old 12-14-2014, 11:55 PM
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This thread needs updated..

Haven't had much time for playing around with these, but they are not forgotten.

Plans have changed slightly, but the overall plan is basically the same.

Got some Proline Trenchers for it a while back.. and just ordered these goodies. Already have one set of RPM bearing carriers installed on the front. That's why I went ahead and ordered another set. I am now full RPM front and rear.

This light kit from Traxxas is freaking sweet. I LOVE it.

The lighting control module for the LED's mounts into the un-used servo hole, come with an adapter that plugs into the ESC battery plug and does not interfere with plugging in the main batteries. It's great.

The spare MERV is now fully assembled and functional. Have had the parts for some time but just now got it together. My plan now is that the spare is going to be my basher, and the other one with all the upgrades will be receiving the Tenbol mount and MM5700 that I have. Other plans are steel CVD's and some better street tires..

Traded my Venom creeper crawler for this T-Maxx and a ton of goodies today.. buddy of mine scored an amazing deal on a ton of stuff so he shared the wealth.

Current collection in its "garage" if you will.

Only other future plans for now is I still want to order the Proline Raptor body for them, and still need to order some wings.
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Old 12-15-2014, 04:02 PM
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Looking good man. Glad to see you're still kicking them around.
Keep smiling, people will wonder what your up to.

my massive collection of xmods
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