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The following post lays out the rules and guidelines that you as a member are expected and required to follow while conducting any sort of transaction (buying, selling or trading) here on Failure to comply with these rules will result in warnings and ultimately infraction points which are explained in the General Forum Rules and Guidelines thread in the Rules and Guidelines section of the forum.

A. Member Requirement Rules:

1a. You must have fifty (50) posts to conduct a buying or trading transaction.
1b. You must have one hundred (100) posts to conduct a selling transaction and to create a For Sale thread.
1c. To further enforce the above two rules (a & b), you are unable to view the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forum until your forum profile has reached a total of fifty (50) posts.

B. General Thread Format Rules:

1a. All threads must include a title.
For Sale = FS: Topic Description.
For Trade = FT: Topic Description.
Want To Buy = WTB: Topic Description.
Want To Trade = WTT: Topic Description.
1b. All titles must include a short description. Descriptions are placed after the title; please keep them short and brief, but remember they must describe what youíre looking for/doing.
FS: Xmod Barricade.
FT: Xmod Barricade.
WTB: Xmod Barricade.
WTT: Xmod Barricade.
2a. All For Sale and For Trade threads must include pictures of what you are selling or trading at the time you open the thread. If no pictures are included of what you are selling or trading then the thread will not be validated by a Staff member. These pictures must be pictures you have taken yourself; they may not be pictures supplied by the manufacturing company. These pictures help prove that the thing you are selling or trading is indeed in your possession.
2b. All Want to Buy threads must include a descent description of what you are looking for.
3a. The following must be included at the TOP of your post, just like how it is found in the example threads found linked below under section ďD. Examples of Each Type of Thread:Ē
1. Name: Enter your first name. Last name optional.
2. Location: Enter your State. City and Zip Code optional.
3. Contact: Enter how you want to be contacted: Private Message, email or other means.
4. Description: A short description on what your topic is about.
5. Price: Enter how much you are selling for or how much you will buy for.
Example of above format:
1. Name: Kyle Zinc.
2. Location: West Branch, Michigan, USA.
3. Contact: Private Message.
4. Description: Selling Xmod Barricade.
5. Price: $50 + shipping.
c. Rules for For Sale Threads:
1. All For Sale threads must include a price. You may also include an Or Best Offer (OBO) option, but an initial price must always be included.
2. Items for sale must be legal items. If you donít think it is legal, donít try to sell it.
3. No price asking is allowed. If you are to create a For Sale thread you must already have a money figure included that you are looking for. You may always reduce this amount down the road if it does not sell at the initial listing price.

d. Rules for For Trade Threads:
1. All For Trade threads must include pictures of what you are trading.
2. A short description of what you will trade for must be included.

e. Rules for Want to Buy Threads:
1. All Want to Buy threads must include a descent description of what you wish to purchase.
2. A price of what you wish to buy should be included.

f. "Feeler Threads":
1. Under no circumstances are you allowed to post a "feeler thread." This is a thread created to ask how much something is worth, how much a person would buy it for and who would buy it. If you are posting a thread in the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forum, it must be For Sale or For Trade. No price feelers.

C. What You Can and Cannot Sell/Trade/Look For:

1. Under no circumstances is any illegal merchandise allowed to be purchased, sold or traded on this website. Attempt to buy, sell or trade anything illegal will result in hefty infraction points and possibly a ban at I.P. level.
2. You may buy, sell or trade legal and RC related.
3. You may buy, sell or trade legal and non-RC related items.

D. Examples of Each Type of Thread:

The following three threads are example threads of a For Sale, For Trade and Want to Buy thread. Please follow their format when making all styles of transactions.

1. For Sale: Futaba MS 2-Channel TX/RX.
2. For Trade: Futaba MS 2-Channel TX/RX.
3. Want To Buy: Stock Kyosho MiniZ MR-02.

Please remember that the above three threads are examples and are not true threads. None of the items listed are for sale, trade or wanted at this time.

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