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Originally Posted by cowboysir03 View Post
That isnt the car you crushed us with all sunday long was it? Kind of looks like Phil's old car...
It looks like Phil's old car because it is Phil's old car. And no, I wasn't using that car sunday. Phil's car is actually a bit faster but it needs the motor wire resoldered.

I was using this car.
Originally Posted by xmodcanuck View Post
2007 Honda Takata Dome NSX

It came with alloy knuckles, upper arms, SS kingpins, SS screws throughout, silver PN DDS, silver PN v2 94-98mm mount, Reflex silver WTF v2, 2.0* camber, purple springs, ball diff with PN 64 pitch gearing and v1 PN 70T stock motor and bearings.

UH-OH, now you know my secrets.

Originally Posted by 99jdmgsr View Post
wow that's a nice collection. u must have a good amount of extra money for all those parts. where do u normally shop for Z parts
I have a bit of extra money for my hobby and I have scored some pretty awesome deals along the way. By buying most of my stuff used I'd say I've probably only spent 1/4 what they would have cost new.
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