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Originally Posted by supraboi97 View Post
Ya i probably should have done it that way because theres not really any wires connected it was just the bulb and they are a dirrect fit into the stock light sockets. But I have never seen LEDs that shape and I personally wouldn't trust myself to do it. So the machanic its at is going to do it for me and the good part is he can find parts alot cheaper and only charges 10 dollars an hour for labor so I'm getting like 5 things done for 200 bucks.

I probably should have looked around more but I only checked two places and they didn't have them so I guess I just need to wait longer before I buy them and spend more time looking for them cheaper.

They simply replace the stock peanut bulb in the socket, and you twist it back in. Same as my cluster, though I'm not using these for the cluster lights yet.

No harder than replacing the regular bulb.
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