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Default Brand New Quadrocopter In a tree

So... Figured you all would appreciate this.

I bought my first quadrocopter yesterday. Retail grade drone. actually really nice. skyviper V950. I clearly thought my xmod driving skills would carry over... haha.

On its maiden voyage last night, I decided to see how high it could go. long story short it got out of range and I was flying it very badly. it started it's auto landing procedure, and wound up 60ft in the air stuck in a tree. the ONLY tree in a MASSIVE field 300 feet from the takeoff spot. today... I tried reaching it with my window cleaning pole. (30ft) not even close. then the fire station is next door and (lol) a couple of the guys came out and tried helping, they threw a nerf football at it and the football got stuck. then i went and bought a real football.. and he tried again.. now there is one quadrocopter and two footballs in this Bermuda triangle tree. If it brakes no worries, its under warranty. but i need the copter in order to get a new one! ahhhhggg! #lifeishard anyway

figured you would enjoy the read.
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