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TheB1GDude 05-22-2008 02:41 PM

XMS: Staff Roles and Responsibilities
A fairly common question on XMS is which moderators are responsible for what sections, so for you new and old members if you need to know who you should report a problem with a certain part of the board to you can quickly find it by clicking here.

Donziikid 05-22-2008 04:36 PM

As well as looking at this thread, there's also a whole page dedicated to what moderator works with what section (that page can be found HERE!). Sometimes that page cannot be clear because of the way moderators have been and have to be setup, so here's a quick rundown of who moderates which sections:

Admins (short for Administrator) have supreme rule over the whole forum. They can change certain parts of the website that make it flow better, look better and be easier for the member to use. If you have any questions on specific parts of the forum and why its setup that way, youll want to contact an admin first.
Boske Hes the owner of this website.

SMods (short for Super Moderators) have rule over all sections of the forum, but cannot change things around like an admin can. A SMod can change titles, close threads and delete posts, but they cannot change how a certain section appears in your web browser. If you have questions about sections the regular moderators cannot control, ask one of the following members first.
Super Moderators:

Mods (short for moderators) is a term used all over the place on the forum. However, most of the time, the members you are referring to are not moderators, but SMods mentioned above. Mods have the lower ranking and are only allowed to close threads, delete posts and other small things of that manner in their designated sections. If you have a question about a certain section assigned to a moderator then you may ask them your question.
Currently there are no moderators here on Xmodsource, just SMods and Admins. If in the future more Staff members are added they will start here and an update will be made with their names included.


Donziikid 01-15-2009 09:44 PM

Updated Moderator's List.


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